IDE Initiative Grant

The Chapter Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Initiative Grant will be awarded through a competitive process to support chapter-based inclusion, diversity and equity programs.

The primary purpose of the grant is to build the capacity of the local chapter to increase the diversity of the chapter’s membership to reflect the diversity of the construction industry; provide education to minorities, women, veterans, members with disabilities and LGBTQ+ construction firms to increase their ability to be competitive in a free-enterprise environment; and/or attract more diverse groups into the construction workforce.


The chapter must be in good standing in accordance with the Chapter Development Committee.
The application also must illustrate the chapter’s commitment to inclusion, diversity and equity. It must clearly define success and provide metrics that indicate the success. Evidence of commitment should exist within the chapter’s strategic plan and should align with the ABC association-wide plan currently in place.

Recent IDEIG grantees are:

Illinois 03